Bluestone - Levels 19 & 20, 321 Kent Street, Sydney

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The Challenge

Bluestone occupied approximately 3,000m2 over levels 19 & 20, 321 Kent Street, Sydney as their corporate head office.

They had previously sub-leased approximately 2,200m2 and their sub-tenant had decided to vacate the premises, leaving them with a large vacancy in a deteriorating leasing market.

After competing against its major competitors, Cushman & Wakefield was appointed by Bluestone as their exclusive agent to lease the premises in a difficult market, made all the more difficult by the short lease term remaining.

The Solution

Cushman & Wakefield developed a leasing strategy to fit in with Bluestone's initiatives and constraints of being able to offer the premises with a limited lease term.

After a rigorous leasing campaign, Cushman & Wakefield was able to offer a solution by uncovering Energy Australia (Government utility), who successfully leased the premises which met with Bluestone's rental expectations and a nominal incentive was negotiated.

The Results

Bluestone's rental expectations were exceeded and the incoming tenant commenced the lease almost immediately after the previous tenant vacated, further mitigating Bluestone's exposure. Keys To Success - Developed a strategy in line with client's needs - Undertook detailed analysis of the market