Team NZ Are Walking Stars

In November a number of the Cushman & Wakefield team took part in Walking Stars, New Zealand's first night-time walking half marathon, bringing people from across the country together to light up Auckland’s vibrant CBD.

The money raised by Walking Stars will help to fund breakthrough lifesaving research, and extend a helping hand to cancer patients and their families at a time in their lives, when they need it most via the Cancer Society.

Walking Stars

Image: Front Row - Bernadette King, Tasneem Lambat, Irene Kumaran, Lorraine Moult, Alan Grant, Hanneke Roelofse

Front Row - Tom Kelly and Paula Johanson also Ashely Swinglehurst (NP)

The team started the walk at 8.30pm and did an amazing job, crossing the finish line at 1am and managing to raise a staggering $6,740 for this great cause.

Team members keen to participate and unable to complete the course became volunteers, some of the Cushman & Wakefield volunteers were tasked with inflating over 3000 helium balloons for the event.