Sustainability Solutions

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Cushman & Wakefield’s Sustainability Solutions team is a leader in sustainability services for the property industry offering a wide range of solutions to owners, occupiers, developers and investors. Cushman & Wakefield’s experienced team of sustainability specialists and engineers are dedicated to providing outstanding service and results.

Our aim is to enhance property portfolio management, reduce operating costs and improve environmental performance by:

  • Optimising energy efficiency and integrating low carbon energy supply solutions 
  • Reducing waste to landfill and improving recycling performance 
  • Improving water efficiency and water recycling 
  • Enhancing procurement and supply chain management

Our integrated delivery model ensures that we can provide comprehensive, cost effective and bespoke solutions to our clients to support them to address complex industry-specific issues and achieve their sustainability objectives.

Our collaborative delivery model comprises three service areas: 

1. Performance Reporting & Analytics

2. Strategy & Client Advisory

3. Engineering & Optimisation

Environmental Sustainability Solutions

Our strength is our ability to combine a range of services into one seamless end-to-end delivery model which allows us to be highly flexible, cost competitive and responsive to our client’s ever changing needs.

Performance Reporting & Analytics

Our Performance Reporting & Analytics team streamline the collection, management and reporting of data to enable integrated reporting outcomes for our clients. We provide an interactive reporting platform that efficiently captures data from a range of different stakeholders that underpins advanced verification, validation and analysis.

Our value is in the creation of a more refined reporting model, leaving our clients more time to focus on analysing performance and developing and implementing strategies to achieve objectives.

Strategy & Client Advisory

Our Strategy & Client Advisory team build close working relationships with our clients to support the achievement of environmental and sustainability objectives. Often using an embedded delivery model, our Advisors translate insights arising from data analysis into delivery strategies and implementation plans that drive tangible environmental performance and cost reduction outcomes.

Our strength is our understanding of our client’s property portfolio and how that can make a positive contribution to their sustainability objectives. We have the knowledge, experience and capability to drive improved environmental performance that translates to tangible outcomes for businesses.

Engineering & Optimisation

Our Engineering & Optimisation team applies their technical expertise to identify and deliver programs that reduce energy, water, waste and carbon emissions across entire portfolios or single facilities.

Our practical, property industry experience makes our cost effective services invaluable in the pursuit of sustainability outcomes. Our services span the project development and delivery lifecycle; including building performance ratings, energy auditing, business case development, through to the measurement and verification of savings.

Our systems are streamlined to simplify each stage of the project process to support the achievement of real, tangible savings for our clients.

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